Sunday, September 4, 2011

My first flower tutorial.

I am going to be showing how I made the white flower today.  I dont really have a name for it so I call it the Vellum flower.

I started with 5 petal cutouts from the Sophia cartridge from Cricut.  I made 2 at 3" and 3 more at 2 1/2, 2 and 1 /12 ".  I find that when I use the half inch increments the layers turn out better.

 I then took a skewer and "rolled the ends of the petals, for the 1 layer I rolled under, 2 layer I rolled towards the center of the flower and loosened up the curls.  for layers 3 & 4 I repeated layer 2.  For the center I placed a pencil (eraser side in center of flower) and shaped it around that.  It should resemble a cup when your done.

And to finish it off I simply glued all layers together and added a pearl from an old necklace.  If you like this works great with a little glue gloss and glitter on but I am out of it currently so I painted some Stickles across the top for bling!

Thanks for stopping by.

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