Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pretty pretty purse

This week I made a mini scrapbook for a friend of my Daughters.  I thought it would be fun to play around with the colors and techniques. I had so much fun I even managed to fashion a gift box out of some heavier cardstock (Plus I was able to add even more bling because I had extra space to play with)

Here are some close-ups of the box.  I added some lacing around the sides and because I used a glitter enhanced cardstock to cover the the top of the box I simply added a cardstock ribbon that I made using the Pagoda Cricut cartridge I added some silk ribbon that I coiled around my finger and simply glued in place to hold it and of course a few more paper roses  I found in a dollar bin at Michael's.

The Purse is made out of a hard sided brag book that you can find at drugstores (they usually hold about 16 or so photos but since I add embellishments to some of the page my purse has room for about 10 pages.

Here is a close-up of the paper rose I made using some pink cardstock and glitter.

For the title page I added a distressed layout with the words "Once upon a time" written with Tim Holtz distressed ink pads with perfect pearls dusted on top.  I couldn't resist added the rhinestones a frame.

I had alot of fun going through all the photos and trinkets from my daughters high school years and even though I made this for a different mother to enjoy the journey through the old photos it really felt like a gift to myself.  Thanks for looking


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Prettly little tea light boxes

I wanted to put something out on the blog today that is a little different.  I love making old objects into new useful items.  Its a way of challenging myself and recycling (and I don't know about all of you but for me one thing turns into another thing and it springboards - and breeds off several other projects)  Todays little box were born out of the need to recycle some of those clear lucite boxes used to display beanie babies.  Whilst cleaning out and redorating my craft studio I discovered that I had several of these boxes at first I thought wow what a cute candy container these would make for my desk at work.  So the first of many were brought to life.

As I said earlier in the blog entry I created these boxes using a few simple objects that I already had lying around (or at least that is what I told my husband, ha ha, just kidding dear, no credit card was harmed in the creation of these boxes).  After looking at my candy creation I got to thinking how great would these be with candles in them and Viola – the candle box was born.

I have added some close ups of the ribbon work and such  that I used to decorate these.  Some of the embellishments include Tim Holtz Idea-logy metal corners (for both the top and bottom of boxes)

I used some old jewelry charms to add a litttle sparkle to the sides

These little guys allow me to have all the candles I want lit (these all contain those little battery operated candles available at Michaels) as well as filling my  need to surround myself with  pretty pink sparkly things in my creative space without somebody complaining its too girly.  Thanks for looking!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ich bin Wunschlos Glucklich

I have been wanting to put these pictures of my son Zak because he looks so happy.  I hope you enjoy, it was last summer, and I snapped these pictures while he was joking around with his dad at my sisters house.  I wanted to do this layout so bad because this is the real Zak, laughing and having fun.  Of course I had to add bling to stay true to myself but I didn't want to make it too pretty.  So instead of flowers I added a feather quill pen that I made out of a Tim Holtz Idea logy pen nibs.  I always wanted to use them but I could never figure how.  I think the effect is pretty cool here.

The journaling I added in German "Ich bin wunschlos glucklich" which is roughly translated to I am completely happy and I think that fit the pictures perfectly.

 I was able to use alot of items from Tim Holtz Idea logy line in this layout they work so well with the masculine pages that I don't want to add to much "glitz" to.  But as the name of my blog implies I do loves me the bling!

 I added some homemade perfect pearl mist just to sparkle the pictures up a bit.  Sorry Zak Mom had to a little bling.
I actually borrowed a technique ala Natasha at Moments of Tranquility.  She loves to add random stitches to her page so in homage to her I stitched on the pen nib. 

Thanks for looking and please comments I love to hear from fellow Scrapbookers. 


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

                    Blog candy alert

Natasha from Moments of Tranquility is giving away 4 anniversary goodie packs with lots of cool scrapbooking items to celebrate her Blogs 1 year anniversary.  Plus I know this will become of your favorite places to go for inspiration she is very creative.  (click on the "moments of tranquility" link to be taken to Natasha's blog.  Enjoy!