Saturday, September 24, 2011

5 steps to a happy life

My nephew Jeff is getting ready to walk down the aisle with his girlfriend Jeannie and last weekend was her bridal shower.  Now me, being who I am, could not just give a set of tea towels as a gift so I decided to put together something that I thoughts she would cherish for a long time. Titled it "5 steps to a happy life and filled it with pictures and goodies.

The cover was simple enough, a dollar store hard cover brag book covered with black suede paper and a lovely embelly of a feather quill pin that I made using Tim Holtz pen nibs.  I hot glued it on so that it was very secure.  I have these shells on hand to give as last minute gifts (I make a spot on the last page for a gift card or money).  They double as a brag book of sorts and generally it's a great conversation starter.

The first page I generally reserve for a title of the book and in this case I added "5 steps to a happy life"

I used Tim Holtz (of course) Grunge board as my numbering along with some lovely embellishment from , wait for it, TIM HOLTZ.  I know, I know I use them alot but I just get so inspired from them I can't stand it.

a close up if the second page showing how I layered everything.

I just love those little metal corners!

One fun thing that I played around with was stamping on top of my photos I just love the dimension it adds with adding too much bulk (I do enough of that with my blings ha ha)
 Just a quick shot showing the next couple pages (sorry if this is too long but I just but I am hoping that some sees something in these pictures and it inspires them to use it and create something fabulous)
                                  Isn't my nephew a handsome guy (one of my favorite pictures of him)
 I just wanted to show how I added the last page with a space for a gift card.  Trust me, when you give one of these to someone you get a lot more than a thank you, you get to see the look in their eyes as they reminisce with the pictures.  It's a great feeling.
 Last but not least, you can't just throw this kind of gift in a gift bag, no, you must make a statement with the wrappings.  I used inspiration from one of my favorites ladies , Natasha,  from,    If you are ever needing a pick me go to this site.  She is brilliant at putting things together and telling a story with everyone of her works of art.  Well she is a master with flowers and I used some in my bow topper and I think it turned out very nice.

 That's about all for this weeks project but thanks for stopping by and visiting my little world. 
 And as always, I'd love to hear from you so please take the time to leave me a comment it really makes my day!


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  1. What a beautiful book. You are sooo creative and talented.