Monday, July 29, 2013

It's been a while

As you are probably aware time is even more precious when you have grandchildren.  Love spending time with my sweet baby Leila but there is not a lot of time left over to fill in my blogging friends.  

I finally found time to finish a project! Ta da, and as you may have guessed it is for none other than my sweet baby granddaughter.  I wanted to make something unique for her wall and I came up with the following.  

I started with an 8 x 11 and half inch canvas, added a layer of guesso, used up my old chipboard letters to form her name, added some puffy 3d scrolly stickers as accents in the corners. And started adding layer after layer after layer of inks, sprays paints (really anything I could spread around this canvas to get the violet to teal background that you see peeking through here.

 I then took some modeling pasted and colored it with some perfect pearls to get a rich golden color.  Taking a stencil with some journaling I added a little different layer of dimension adding that in the middle.  This also lended a little richness from the gold.  On top of that I added a metal heart ornament (about 6" in diameter) over the top to soften that look.

 I wanted to add a little guardian angel quality somewhere on the canvas and I did that by taking a I am roses gardenia that I colored to coordinate with my H2O's highlighting it with a set of Angel wings from Tim Holtz and topping it off with a beautiful crown charm that I picked up from Mon Ami Gabie.

I finished it off by making some roses using my Donna Salazar die and adding dimension some hand painting highlights and I think the results are worthy of hanging on my little Leilas room. 

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

H2O fun with stamps

Good Morning all,

As you know from my last post life has been very full lately with the arrival of our first grandchild, beautiful princess Leila, and spring has finally arrived here in the midwest so I have been doing alot of work outdoors.  But I did manage to steal a day away in my studio to play with some new products that I recently purchased.

I just wanted to do a quick post to show you my latest favorite product.  Luminarte twinkling H2O water colors.  They come in a variety of colors

And they are blended with beautiful Mica powders so the colors are brilliant.
Pair this with some new stamps from Rangers and Rubberneckers and the creativity starts flowing. 

 for the Ranger stamps I took 3 white flowers that I had and used the H2O's to paint the flowers to match the colors I used in the tags
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's been a while

Wow, I can't believe I haven't posted anything since November of last year.  I have been so caught up in my world that I have failed to update anything.  Well, it's spring and that's a time for everything to be woken up from the long winter (which unfornately is still in my back yard) But I want to start out this blog post with a wonderful little gift I was recently given by my daughter Rachael and her fiance Chris. 
 My first granddaughter Leila Mckenzie. She is very beautiful and will be featured in many upcoming posts.

Now onto my first Leila project.  A while ago I bought a pattern from Laura Denison at to make a wardrobe that housed a very cute little mini album at the front.  and here is what I came up with.  Please note I do not follow directions very well so I usually use the patterns for inspiration so this is very much my interpretation of Laura's beautiful design.
The front - I covered the case with this luxurious black velvet paper that I get from Michaels that I love.  I then criss-crossed some beautiful pink satin ribbon and glued these pretty pink ribbon roses on each intersection.
The side view - Laura is genious at taking ordinary cardstock adding some ink, a little distressing and some highlighting and creating pieces that look like they are made out of leather or other fabrics.

The inside view - this is where this project not only transforms into a perpetual calendar but houses 12 monthly tags that I created to mark each month.

January -  March and May

February - May and Septempber

June - July and September

October - November and December

Of course I hade to save the very best for last April because that's when my little Leila bug was born.

As always I appreciate you all for stopping by and looking at my work.  I hope you find some inspiration and would love to hear your thoughts and come visit your blogs and maybe along the way make some new friends

Thank you,

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Blue project

I  would like to start todays post just saying thank you to all of our military personnel and their family members. What you do for our country  is priceless and appreciated.    And now onto this weeks project.  As you can see my previous blog entry was the first half of this project.  This page was really inspired by som Mon Ami roses.

As you can see the rich navy blue color is just gorgous and thought it would be a great way to challenge myself and come up with a layout using a blue color scheme. 
The other piece I used from Mon Ami was this beautiful lace that I bought at last years scrapbook expo.  This lace was just so intriquete and beautiful I knew this would be perfect for this layout.  I highlighted by adding a flat backed pearl to the center of each flower on the lace.
The paperline I used is from Fabscraps another of my most favorite things

I also had this beautiful feather that I thought would play into the earthiness that I wanted to bring out in this piece.
It also allows me to tie this other embelleshment into the layout.
finally I needed a picture that would be dramatic enough for this layout........and I think this photo I found on Pinterest is perfect.
Here is the finished piece.  Thank you for stopping by and taking a look.
God Bless,
I was in a very creative mood this week and created not 1 but layouts inspired by Pinterest.  Now for all who are not familiar, Pinterest is this crazy, addicting and fabulous website, where you can put all your favorite things in one spot.  I have often thought to myself I could create the creates layouts with some of these picures and sayings that I have collected.  Here it is I hope you enjoy.
For all that know and love me you are familiar with my love of pink pretty things. So of course I based the first page on PINK!  I added  alot of little favorites such as pieces from Primas new Romance Novel line.
                                                                Lace and butterflies............

And of course, lots and lots of beautiful flowers.
and flowers...............and
yes you guessed it................more flowers.  most handmade by me  but I also used some I am roses, Mon ami and of course Prima creations because they are so beautiful
Well my fearless followers, since this posting seems to be running long (because I have so much to share on it)   I have decided to post the details of the ""blue" layout in morning......So I hope you stay tuned and enjoy...............

God bless and good wishes, thanks for stopping by.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mein Kindern,

Hello everyone, guess who! Yes, I am officially back from the world of broken arms and creating up a storm.  I really wanted to do something special after my longgggggggggg absense (thank you all for staying tuned)  So here is a layout and details of the canvas collage that I did with my favorite pictures of my children.  Enjoy.
 The first thing I needed to do after finding the perfect photos for this projects was to balance our the hard and soft backgrounds to represent both a boy and a girl.  For my son, I layered chipboard pieces that I made using 3/4" wide strips from my leftover box and cut them roughly into 1 1/4 in pieces (the rougher the edges the better the brick workl.  I glued them down over the picture and then used artist paste as my mortar.  After that dried I took a mixture of Starfish glimmer mist  with Fired brick distress ink and painted it on using a small brust.  The effect was exactly what I was going for.
For my daughter I used some lace to soften her side of the collage layout.  For my primary inspiration I used Prima's new line Romance Novel.  This collection was created by a wonderful artist Marion Smith. 

 To stay with the theme of Romance I used a technique that I created to make a rose vine running up the middle of the layout.  I used a few diffterent rosebuds to make it more interesting.
 To really highlight this I laid out a foundation of diffterent flowers from Iamroses and Prima.
And of course one of my own.
And of course I had to use some Tim Holtz

The collection has some beautiful chipboard elements that worked perfectly for this layout.
I think the final result is exactly what I wanted and can't wait to display it.

As always thank you for stopping by and taking a look.