Tuesday, May 1, 2012

new flower

Well today I did a little soul searching, I am in a severe dry spell right now and I am buying more than I am creating so I was perusing one of my favorite blogs and she gave me the inspiration to do some tags, thank you Astrid. I just threw together (really it was more like a couple of days of heavy duty creating) and I cam up with a few ideas.  

 I have these cool tags from Tim Holtz that I built off of.  Here's one (sorry it's upside down) but I can't wait to use it.

This one leads me to my next part of this blog entry, tada I made a new flower.  Now ladies I am not going to insult your intelligence, there are so many creative artist that make flowers, I just tried to Blingify one.  Hope you enjoy!

I started with my new favorite toy the Donna Salazar Rose Creation dies by Sizzix.  Oh I am telling you if you want to dabble in the flower realm you must get this die. Here are the materials I used to make this.
I took one cutout from all sized of the flower (6 in total), some blue perfect pearl mist, gold perfect pearls, some homemade flower vine, scissors, and tools to curl the flower petals I used a small pliars and a paintbrush.

 I sprayed both sides of some black velvet cardstock I had with perfect pearls and let them dry, I sprayed the backs because they will show.
 I then curled the petals, the largest I curled the petals under and the other 5 I curled toward the center.

I then just stacked them largest to smallest swirling the petals so that one full petal overlaps the gaps of the next petal. I secured them with a brad as shown. Now here's where the magic happens.
I then took all these extras, the little rose buds from, the leaves and the flower vine and I built off of it.  I started by gluing the flower vine in between 2 layers of flowers and I glued on some leaves and finished with a few of the beautiful blue rose buds that I found at Mon ami Gabi.  I then made a mixture of a bit of perfect pearls in gold and mixed it with water, it makes such a beautiful accent paint and I had fun "painting" my flowers gold I just added hints of the gold paint here and there but it really is so much fun and it makes me feel like a real artist I love it/.  Here is the finished project waiting to be put onto a page or a gift box or some thing. 

I thank you all for looking and inspiring me everyday.  I would love to see what you ladies do with this technique and if you email me a picture of your work at I will humbly share your works of art with my blog followers.  Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment you ladies always put a smile on my face. 



  1. Your tags are beautiful! And I love the flowers! Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. These flowers are amazing! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my scraproom decor. I am glad you found it again. Hope you have a wonderful day. I am happy you found me, know I have another blog to inspire me. Your work is wonderful.

  3. The flower is beautiful, I'm going to have to try it. I love the Tim Holtz inspired ticket-tag. I think it would make a perfect little nugget to put into one of my mini albums. You do inspire me.