Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My family

Good Morning.  I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend. My work involves the stock market so I was off for Presidents day.  I have been plugging away in my little "paper studio" and have a lot of really cool things to post.  Todays project du jour is a little mini album I made for my niece (sadly everyone was sick so I was unable to give it to her on her recent visit)  But I am sure she will love it. I wanted to keep the cover very masceline but stay true to my style so I added in alot of feathers and metal pieces along with the flowers.

I didn't take a lot of pictures this time because I have actually made this style before so the inside is pretty much the same as my princess book. One difference is the closure.  I actually found an idea on the web (Thank you Kathy from paper phenomenon) where you insert one of the key hole pieces inside the ornate plates from Tim Holtz Idea-ology collection and as you can see it really turns it into a statement piece.  I used magnets (hidded inside the strap and the other imbedded in the book cover) to keep it secured.

I did want to showcase a new flower techniqe that I learned off of one of the blogs I follow, What a beautiful Mess.  You can find the instructions but clicking on the following link She really is a very talented
artist and scrapbooker and has a lot of wonderful tutorials on her blog.

Thank you for  visiting my blog today and enjoy!


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  1. So tell me why is it that I am just discovering your blog!!!!??? Thank you for the link!! Your flowers are beautiful and I am adoring all of your creations!!