Wednesday, January 25, 2012

20) Things to know about me.

1) I once wanted to be a lawyer.
2) I think I'm funny (my daughter does not- jk Rae)
3) I have been seriously trying to learn german for 2 years and have mastered how to say hi, my name is.
4) My son is a 'scrapbook orphan' on Friday nights because that is when my cropping buddies (aka my sister Laurie and friend Jamie) come over
5) secretly dream of getting on a design team
6) Go out blog hopping when I'm feeling down because, ladies you may think you got this bug bad, but I have seen people that have upgraded their scrapbook room to a scrapbook house. (I'm so jealous)
7) Love to photograph anything. 
8) Have worked in the securities industry for 19 yrs and still cannot figure out my 401K
9) I make homemade beer with my husband and have a 'beer room' in my basement
10) Grew up in the great state of Wyoming.
11) Once jumped out of a 2cd story window - because my friends were doing it.
12) One of my hobbies is "beer tasting" and have tried hundreds of different ales and beers.
13) I am planning to go to Oktoberfest in Munich
14) Have a german shephard named Butterscotch and 2 black cats named Niko and George.
15) One of my happiest moments is babysitting my 'grandpuppy' a 5 lb yorkie name Kobe.
16)  Have a Pinterest board entitled "dream scrapbook rooms"
17) Am already thinking of a the project when I take the picture.
18) I am a serial containerizer (I guess so that I can justify the need for $500 worth of Tim Holtz products that I cannot live without)
19) Love cowbells.
20) Will make a scrapbook page for every event and infact have a picture of my son (when he was 2) sitting on his potty chair (probably saying not now mom, this is a private moment)

Now I've told you about me, I would love to find out something about you, leave a comment with a fact about yourself  so that I can get to know you better.


  1. I have to say I think your daughter is wrong--you seem pretty funny to me!

    A fact about me: I'm a menopausal woman raising a granddaughter in puberty. Yes, it gets really loud around here.

    1. Jenn - you are a funny person. I didn't know that you liked cowbells and I know that you can speak a little more german than your name. But I do love the latest project that you put out there. I will update my blog this week and add some current pictures.

      Your sister

  2. I agree with the ladies above, just from reading your blog I too think you are funny and I have loved looking around!!!

    Fact about me? 60, white haired, Dutch but living in Scotland for nearly 40 years and loving nothing more than getting inky in my craftroom( well to be honest it's just a corner of a room but so full of stuff that it hard to find things). Wished I had your gift for organising lol, LOVE how you store some of your stuff!!!