Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Prettly little tea light boxes

I wanted to put something out on the blog today that is a little different.  I love making old objects into new useful items.  Its a way of challenging myself and recycling (and I don't know about all of you but for me one thing turns into another thing and it springboards - and breeds off several other projects)  Todays little box were born out of the need to recycle some of those clear lucite boxes used to display beanie babies.  Whilst cleaning out and redorating my craft studio I discovered that I had several of these boxes at first I thought wow what a cute candy container these would make for my desk at work.  So the first of many were brought to life.

As I said earlier in the blog entry I created these boxes using a few simple objects that I already had lying around (or at least that is what I told my husband, ha ha, just kidding dear, no credit card was harmed in the creation of these boxes).  After looking at my candy creation I got to thinking how great would these be with candles in them and Viola – the candle box was born.

I have added some close ups of the ribbon work and such  that I used to decorate these.  Some of the embellishments include Tim Holtz Idea-logy metal corners (for both the top and bottom of boxes)

I used some old jewelry charms to add a litttle sparkle to the sides

These little guys allow me to have all the candles I want lit (these all contain those little battery operated candles available at Michaels) as well as filling my  need to surround myself with  pretty pink sparkly things in my creative space without somebody complaining its too girly.  Thanks for looking!


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