Monday, July 29, 2013

It's been a while

As you are probably aware time is even more precious when you have grandchildren.  Love spending time with my sweet baby Leila but there is not a lot of time left over to fill in my blogging friends.  

I finally found time to finish a project! Ta da, and as you may have guessed it is for none other than my sweet baby granddaughter.  I wanted to make something unique for her wall and I came up with the following.  

I started with an 8 x 11 and half inch canvas, added a layer of guesso, used up my old chipboard letters to form her name, added some puffy 3d scrolly stickers as accents in the corners. And started adding layer after layer after layer of inks, sprays paints (really anything I could spread around this canvas to get the violet to teal background that you see peeking through here.

 I then took some modeling pasted and colored it with some perfect pearls to get a rich golden color.  Taking a stencil with some journaling I added a little different layer of dimension adding that in the middle.  This also lended a little richness from the gold.  On top of that I added a metal heart ornament (about 6" in diameter) over the top to soften that look.

 I wanted to add a little guardian angel quality somewhere on the canvas and I did that by taking a I am roses gardenia that I colored to coordinate with my H2O's highlighting it with a set of Angel wings from Tim Holtz and topping it off with a beautiful crown charm that I picked up from Mon Ami Gabie.

I finished it off by making some roses using my Donna Salazar die and adding dimension some hand painting highlights and I think the results are worthy of hanging on my little Leilas room. 

Thank you for stopping by,



  1. HI Ya Jenn,
    What a lovely Canvas for your granddaughters room!. Love all the texture and the multiple colors!
    Its been so long since we touched base, Thought I pop in and see how you are doing. BUSY seems to be the answer. No Grandchildren here, but I'll post our new addition on my blog if your curious. hehe. Not a baby but OMGOODNESS this thing doesn't stop go go go!!
    Great to see some work.. I know its been awhile... I hope everyone is doing well.

  2. Dear Jenn
    So nice to hear from you. I'm sad and Glad your son is on the mend. Goodness knows.. I have had a terrible year for 2013. and hoping 2014 to be better.
    I'm glad I put a smile on your face and yes I do care, always wonder what talent you will have.. and how you are doing. seeing you haven't been around much I know its something or someone very important!
    Thanks for the comments about Mimzy... she is quiet the little trouble maker lol I said long time ago.. with our last puppy NEVER again... LOL I should of listened to myself.. Boy Puppies are a handful but she was just so cute I couldn't resist. Feels pretty good to walk in and have her so excited that mommy's home and she is just a big bundle of squirm! lol
    I've got two layouts done during the last few months.. I've never posted them anywhere, so one of these days I'll probably post one at Its a great one of my son Kyle. My youngest who is almost 22... on Monday. He's trying to get into the special effects makeup and he's doing pretty good.. actually was hired to do a short film and now rehired to to a longer version of that film. Its something to do with a bunch of guys that have created a board game... so they had a short film.. there board was excepted and now they want a full version so thats pretty darn good for him. Has a nurse that wants him to make some things for first aid training.. and halloween is CRAZY for him but he LOVES it. I'll probably post that one at SB first.
    Anyway... so great to see you are ok... I always hate when someone online disappears cause you just never know what happened to them.
    So great to hear back from you.