Sunday, November 11, 2012

I was in a very creative mood this week and created not 1 but layouts inspired by Pinterest.  Now for all who are not familiar, Pinterest is this crazy, addicting and fabulous website, where you can put all your favorite things in one spot.  I have often thought to myself I could create the creates layouts with some of these picures and sayings that I have collected.  Here it is I hope you enjoy.
For all that know and love me you are familiar with my love of pink pretty things. So of course I based the first page on PINK!  I added  alot of little favorites such as pieces from Primas new Romance Novel line.
                                                                Lace and butterflies............

And of course, lots and lots of beautiful flowers.
and flowers...............and
yes you guessed it................more flowers.  most handmade by me  but I also used some I am roses, Mon ami and of course Prima creations because they are so beautiful
Well my fearless followers, since this posting seems to be running long (because I have so much to share on it)   I have decided to post the details of the ""blue" layout in morning......So I hope you stay tuned and enjoy...............

God bless and good wishes, thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Jennifer the pink one looks cool too! So many outstanding details Awsome layouts!