Wednesday, January 25, 2012

20) Things to know about me.

1) I once wanted to be a lawyer.
2) I think I'm funny (my daughter does not- jk Rae)
3) I have been seriously trying to learn german for 2 years and have mastered how to say hi, my name is.
4) My son is a 'scrapbook orphan' on Friday nights because that is when my cropping buddies (aka my sister Laurie and friend Jamie) come over
5) secretly dream of getting on a design team
6) Go out blog hopping when I'm feeling down because, ladies you may think you got this bug bad, but I have seen people that have upgraded their scrapbook room to a scrapbook house. (I'm so jealous)
7) Love to photograph anything. 
8) Have worked in the securities industry for 19 yrs and still cannot figure out my 401K
9) I make homemade beer with my husband and have a 'beer room' in my basement
10) Grew up in the great state of Wyoming.
11) Once jumped out of a 2cd story window - because my friends were doing it.
12) One of my hobbies is "beer tasting" and have tried hundreds of different ales and beers.
13) I am planning to go to Oktoberfest in Munich
14) Have a german shephard named Butterscotch and 2 black cats named Niko and George.
15) One of my happiest moments is babysitting my 'grandpuppy' a 5 lb yorkie name Kobe.
16)  Have a Pinterest board entitled "dream scrapbook rooms"
17) Am already thinking of a the project when I take the picture.
18) I am a serial containerizer (I guess so that I can justify the need for $500 worth of Tim Holtz products that I cannot live without)
19) Love cowbells.
20) Will make a scrapbook page for every event and infact have a picture of my son (when he was 2) sitting on his potty chair (probably saying not now mom, this is a private moment)

Now I've told you about me, I would love to find out something about you, leave a comment with a fact about yourself  so that I can get to know you better.

Monday, January 16, 2012

A new year a new start.

Well here it is. my first post of the new year.  I wanted a book where I showcase alot of pictures.  This particular one hold 21 and room for journaling.  I have gotten away from traditional scrapbook pages in the recent past and branched out into books.  I like these so much because as you can see I can bling it up and it has alot of interacting parts.  So thanks for being patient and waiting sooooooooooooo long for a new project.  I hope you like it.

I add som Tim Holtz corners to just pop the edges a little.  The cover has a lot of layered elements on it as you can see. 

I started with a distressed box top. I then layered on a princess saying from the Cricut cartridge "word collage. I surrounded that by so flat backed pearls and that really formed the base for me to layer all my lovely little trinkets. 

To close the book I used a Tim Holtz element and an elastic hair band on top I added a charm chain for a little exta dazzle.

Since I added most of my bling on the cover I really saved the inside of the box for pictures.  As I said I can added 21 full size pictures on the inside.  On each of the inside covers I added 2 5 picture fold out books.  I was able to add 5 4 by 6 picures on these pieces.
I then made 3 pieces for the inside of the book two hidden hinge pieces that I was able to fit three photo pockets.  Bcause of the size of the book and the orientation of the photos I needed to cut each photo down to 4 by 5 I used the back for journaling.
For the center piece I made a 2 sided photo flip album which I had room for 6 photos (altogether) 4 by 5.75 inch photos.  I didn't want theses to look too busy so I only added journaling on the last flap of each side.

I made this one to be all about pricess and fantasy so that I could maybe add room for a gift card and use it to give someone a cute little story book for a present.  Thanks for visiting my blog and as always I would love to hear what you think of my project.