Saturday, November 12, 2011

Finally a new project!

Hello faithful viewers I am back.  Just kidding I didn't really go anywhere just had alot of  things going on in my world.  But with the urging of my wonderfully supportive husband and very great big sister I am finally uploading a new project.  I hope you love it as much as I enjoyed making it.  It is a paperbag book TA DA.    I am calling it "I wish" because it's loaded with pictures and items from all the places I hope to explore one day.  There are a lot of pictures because there is soooooooooooooo much in this book but its amazing what you can make out of brown paper bags.  Enjoy.

I put lots of little blingies on this because you know I love sparkly shiny things.  But they also are meant to reflect the love I put in this book.
 I made the closeure by attaching a key I bought from Michaels for a $1 to the front and taking apart a keychain (also from the dollar spot at Michaels and adding a little chain and there you go a very cool closure.
 The inside is filled with lots of pockets and places to add pictures and journaling.  I think I have around 40 pictures in this book.
 I also wanted to make it very interactive so I added some embellies from Tim Holtz and journaling on the back of the tags.
 This is the inside of the little pullout book above and as you can see I had room to add 2 more pictures.
 I played around with different sizes of pictures in this project and I just had a blast.
 I had to add a little lacing for my to this book to soften it up.  These are actually fancy shoe laces that I found on clearance somewhere so it made it really easy to lace them on the spine of my book.
 Now I have been playing around with flower making I wanted to do something that was inspired but original.  This little beauty is made up made up of some flowers I took apart and added different fabrics in between, kind of a silk flower sandwich.
 More pockets to put little messages in and also I wanted to show how I was able to add a 5 x 7 photo inside the open part of the paper bag.
 I also wrote about the picture that I have added and as you can see there is plenty of room for lots of journaling.

 I found these gorgoes metal butterflies somewhere but I never had the right project for them.  because this book is chunky anyway I was able to make the cover very dimentional.

just one of the tags I added for a little color and interest.
Last but certainly not last I wanted to talk alittle about the tenique I used to make the front and back covers.  I wanted a very vintage feel to this book but I couldnt find the right paper to cover it with so I found this one tutorial that showed how to make a faux leather paper using tissue paper, a little watered down glue and lots and lots and lots of inking.  I could never tell you exactly how I made this because i'd ink and reink and scrunch it more until I got the right look.  I will try to find the tutorial so that you can allo get some inspiration as I did.

Well thats it for now but I really appreciate you all stopping by and taking alook at my little book.


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