Sunday, July 8, 2012

Live, laugh, Love

Hello Faithful followers, it has certainly been awhile since my last post so thank you for your patience.  I decided to branch out into a little different piece this time.  This a multi media layout I made on canvas.  I really had fun stepping out of my creative zone and learning a new technique or two. 

I started with a , forgive the pun, blank canvas.  I added the picture I wished to focus on, added some dimension by adding the brickwork (made by cutting chipboard 1/2 by an inch or so. After allowing the glue to set up I added a paint treatment that gave a very stucco like feel to the piece.  This also served to blend the picture and brickwork onto the canvas.  after adding a layer of white acrylic paint coat over that I just started adding everything and anything that reminded me of my children.  As you can for my daughter I added a crown (which was actually a broach I had and I just added the blue jewel for color)  Because every princess needs a crown.
The piece I used to represent my son is pair of wings from the Tim Holtz Ideaology collection set together with a blue flower from Mon Ami Gabie. I like this piece so much because it will hopefully remind him always that he is my angel.
and some gears also from Tim Holtz , since I have the die to cut these now I have really had alot of fun playing with different materials.  As you can see here I used cardboard

I had to add a butterfly and some feathers.

I finished it off with these cool metal corners that I found at Michaels, sorry I don't know the names right now but it is a really cool like of metal pieces that, as you can see, can be inked to match your project.

Thank you for stopping by, until my next post, I will bid you auf wiedersehn.